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Sandigan - Maritime Training, Inc.

Sandigan Maritime Training, Inc. (SMTI) is a training center that facilitates necessary trainings required by the MARINA (Maritime Industry Authority) and PRC (Philippine Regulatory Commission). Its primary goal is to engage in, operate, carry on and conduct training courses or seminars that will equip and prepare the upgrading of seafarers to all governmental or administrative licensure examination and or the issuance of certificates or such other licensure examinations conducted by other entities for the compliance of the requirements of the manning or shipping companies.

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Tokyo Keiki ECDIS Type Specific Training Course

ClassNK announced that it had issued type specific training course approval to an Electronic Chart Display and Information System ECDIS course by T...

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Komaya Shipping Co., Pte Ltd.

Komaya Shipping Co., Pte Ltd. has been SMTI's consistent customer for TOKYO KEIKI ECDIS Type Specific Training or ECDIS T . They have signed a...

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