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SMTI History

Training activities for seafarers was part of the function of Dalisay Shipping Corporation (DSC) when it was incorporated as a manning and management company on December 27, 1996. Training programs were basically an in-house activity where seafarers before being deployed on DSC manned vessels undergo in-house trainings required on board vessels where they are deployed. For other mandatory trainings, seafarers were endorsed by DSC to government accredited training centers.
DSC initially had two (2) instructors, developing and conducting in-house training course packages on modular basis as required by DSC principals.
On August 2004, with the incorporation of Sandigan Ship Services (SSSI) as the management company, training activities was attached to its corporate responsibility. A training center, the Sandigan Training Center (STC), was formally established under the organization of SSSI with the responsibility of implementing, supervising and conducting trainings of seafarers deployed by DSC for vessels managed by SSSI. In-house training programs were upgraded and updated and additional in-house training programs were developed and conducted to enhance the competencies, qualification and proficiencies of the in-house officers and crews.
With the objectives of providing more relevant and mandatory training programs, STC applied for accreditation for various mandatory training programs.
After complying with all documentary and inspection requirements under MTC Resolution No. 03, Series of 1998, in conformity with the Letter of Instructions No. 1404 and the standards of 1978 STCW Convention, as amended, STC received its MTC Certificate of Accreditation for the following courses:
On April 3, 2009, Sandigan Maritime Training, Inc. (SMTI), formerly Sandigan Training Center changed its name and was incorporated under the Security Exchange Commission as independent company. Even under its new incorporation, SMTI is still affiliated with Sandigan Ship Services, Inc. (SSSI) and Dalisay Shipping Corporation, Inc. (DSC).
Under the new incorporation, SMTI can now expand its training and assessment activities to other third (3rd) parties interested to avail of SMTI services of quality training for the upgrading and updating of their seafarers and assessment requirements for the issue of certificate of competencies.
Concurrent with its program, SMTI likewise reapplied and was re-issued Accreditation and Recognition certificates by MTC and PRC for its training programs and assessment activities under its new name.
On April 21, 2009, Class NK conducted Stage 1 On-Site Office audit followed by the Stage 2 On-Site Office Audit on June 8 – 9, 2009. After complying with the standards for Quality Management System as Maritime Training for Seafarers, SMTI received the Class NKQAD Certificate of Quality Management System on the standards of ISO 9001:2008 on June 19, 2009.
To conform to quality standard requirements, SMTI on February 1, 2009 started implementation of its Quality System under its existing Quality Manual. However, with its status as an independent corporation, SMTI underwent a series of activities to review, revised and update its Quality Management System (QMS). SMTI conducted various trainings and familiarization activities for its personnel and conducted internal audits and customer surveys and underwent external audit by its principal to conform to QMS requirements.