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SMTI Quality Policy

Sandigan Maritime Training, Inc., a company duly registered under national laws, is engaged in training of seafarers employed onboard Sandigan Ship Service, Inc. managed vessel and other principals requiring its services. The company is committed to ensure that Quality Training Programs are designed, developed and implemented in compliance with all Statutory Laws, provisions of the International Maritime Organization's STCW Convention 1978 (STCW '78), as amended, and with Clientele's requirements; to ensure safety life at sea, environmental protection, safe and reliable ship operation, pollution prevention and good health. The company's training programs shall also address the training needs of the seafarers as identified by its Principals or their Representatives and other interested parties.

The company is likewise committed to render allied services to its Principals and customer in the selection through the conduct of psychological, written and oral examinations and interview; training and assessment and the monitoringng of cadets for their Cadetship Program.

It is the policy of SMTI to provide the highest quality service to its Principal and other interested parties through the maintenance of an effective Quality Management System. The company shall adopt the following principles:

tay on focus on the company's activities toward meeting the needs and requirements of its Principals and other customers. All members of the Organization shall involved themselves in maintaining established documented Quality Management System, have a better understanding of company's policies, procedures and work instructions through the "system and process" approach. The company shall and continuously develop proficient and experienced instructors and staff committed to render quality service and assurance to clientele.

anage and implement measures in resolving non-conformities and in ensuring that decisions are made using factual and valid statistical data. It shall monitor customer satisfaction through customer evaluation, feedback and survey.

ake necessary actions in carrying out a process of continual improvement in its Quality Management System by P-C-D-A Circle Management in order to ensure growth and progress in the organization.