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Special Courses

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Course Code Courses Participants No. of Days
CTPE Cadetship Training Program for Engine

Max:10 Trainees

Engine Cadetship Program

1 Month
CTPD Cadetship Training Program for Deck

Max:10 Trainees

Deck Cadetship Program

1 Month
NAVC NAV 9000 Awareness Course

Max: 24 Trainees

All Ranks

ERS Engine Room Simulator

Max: 8 Trainees

Chief engineer
2nd Engineer
3rd Engineer
4th Engineer
OIC License

SHMS Ship Handling and Maneuvering Simulator

Max: 5 Trainees

Chief Officer
2nd Officer
3rd Officer
OIC License

ECDIS Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display & Information System

Max: 6 Trainees

Deck Officers

SSBT Ship Simulator & Bridge Teamwork with BRM

Max:6 Trainees

Deck Officers
Able Seaman
**Ex-Crew for promotion

Newly Hired Crew