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JRC ECDIS Type Specific - Deck Courses


An Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is a computer-based navigation system that complies with IMO regulations and can function as an alternative for paper navigation charts. One of the performance standards is to have ENCs installed for the intended voyage.

After hundreds of years of sailing with paper charts, merchant-shipping fleets will make a transition to digital navigation in little more than 20 years. The JRC ECDIS’s may, if flag state/class society approves, be used as the primary source of navigational information in place of paper charts.

In addition to this 2 Days Type Specific Training related to the maker and model of the equipment fitted of the ship on which they are currently serving i.e. it will be necessary to attend a training course for each different system a Master or Navigation Officer is expected to operate. This training should build on the MCA approved ECDIS generic training, and be delivered by the manufacturer; the manufacturers approved agent or a trainer who has attended such a programme. Trickle down training (i.e. one officer training another) is not acceptable as, inevitably, it leads to incomplete knowledge of the equipments capabilities, and especially the lesser used functions, being passed on.



2.1 After detailed consideration and in agreement with the Merchant Navy Training Board  (MNTB) Technical Committee it has been agreed that anyone who holds a completion certificate for a MCA approved NARAS course (operational or management) issued after the 1st January 2005 meets the requirement of ECDIS generic training.


2.2 The completion of any one of the following will be recognised as meeting the ECDIS generic training requirements:


v  A NARAS course (operational or management) completed after 1st January 2005.


v  A MCA approved ECDIS course based on the ECDIS section of the MNTB NARAS training guide (second (2004) or subsequent edition).


v  An ECDIS programme based on the IMO Model ECDIS course (1.27) approved by the MCA.


v  An ECDIS programme based on the IMO Model ECDIS course (1.27) approved by the Maritime Administration of an EU Member State.


2.3   Carriage of any one of the above certificates, together with reference to this notice, should   satisfy Port State Control Officers (PSCO) that the holder meets the required ECDIS generic training requirement.


Course delivery

This equipment specific training should concentrate on the functionality and effective use of the system onboard. This training should at least cover the following ten (10) areas.

v  familiarisation with available functions

v  familiarisation with the menu structure

v  display setup

v  setting of safety values

v  recognition of alarms and malfunction indicators and the actions to be taken

v  route planning

v  route monitoring

v  changing over to backup systems

v  loading charts and licenses

v  updating of software


Class Size

The minimum number of trainees is 6 and the maximum is 12 but at least 2 trainees per workstations. 


Duration of the Course                                                   Schedule                 

    >   2 days                                                                     08:00-17:00 Hrs.

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