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Pure Car Carrier Maneuvering Simulation Training *For PCC Vessel only - Deck Courses


This course provides familiarization training for all officers in standard regarding emergency, occupational safety, as required under section A-VI/I of the International

Convention of Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1995 as amended.

Before an officer will be assigned to any shipboard duties, such person employed or engaged on a seagoing ship, should receive approved familiarization training in specific type of vessel and receive sufficient information and instructions related to matters specified in Part B of the STCW ’95.



Those successfully completed the course will be able to demonstrate the importance of the following:

·    Passage Planning

·    Team Communication

·     Actual maneuvering

·     Tug  boat arrangement and requirements

·      Feeling for maneuvering with strong wind and current

·      Dispute the propriety for entering/leaving ports.


Trainees shall be able to apply;

·     Throttle control

·      Anchor control

·      Engine alarm

·      GPS  receiver

·      VHF Transceiver

·      Gyro compass

·      Echo sounder

·      Doppler log

·      Radar/Arpa

·      Sound signal

·      Thruster control



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