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Basic Operation of LOG Carrier - General Courses


 Part A :      Introduction

 Part B :      General Safety for Log Carriers

-         Lashing arrangement plan

-         Loading preparations

 Part C :      Safe Practices for Handling Log Cargoes

-         Able to perform different kinds of splices

-         Identify items relating to ship lifting gears



Part I :   Upon completion of this module, the candidate shall be able:

-         To make sound specification of hazard, danger, risk, and accident in all stages of log operation.

-         Able to complete vessel pre-load condition report

Part II :  Upon completion of this module, the candidate shall be able to:

-         Understand log cargoes safe stowage and shipment; Ballast Management Plan;

-         Understand General Arrangement Plan of Log Ship;

-         Apply calculation and precautions during log cargo operation and trimming



   >   2 Days

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