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Basic Operation of Bulk Carrier - General Courses


 Part A :     Bulk Carriers Past, Present & Future


                  Log Books, Records & Reference Books

                  Maintenance and Care of Hatch Covers

                  Preparation of Holds

                  Ensuring Systems are Operational

                  Ballast Management

                  Strength, Stability, Draft and Trim

                  Planning of the Loading


 Part B :    The Loading Calculations

                  The Loading or Discharging Berth

                  The Loading Period

                  Establishing The Quantity of Cargo Loaded or Discharged

                  The Loaded Voyage

                  The Discharging Period

                  The Ballast Voyage


 Part C :    Special Types of Bulk Carriers

                  Carriage of Common & Typical Bulk Cargoes

                  Safety Considerations

                  Instruments and Mechanical Equipment


  Repairs & Drydocking

  Ships Housekeeping

  Bulk Carrier Casualties



Part A :   Upon completion of this module, the candidate shall be able to:

-        Know evolution from tramp ships, categories of bulk carrier and the layout;

-        Understand contract of affreightment,charter parties, keeping records, surveys;

-        Know proper log keeping, references and drawings;

-        Recognize hatch cover types, description and designs and maintenance;

-        Be familiar with disposal of cargo residues, preparation for cleaning holds;

-        Be familiar with ships ballast layout, ballasting and de-ballasting operations;

-        Understand shear forces, bending moments, ship movement in a seaway;

-        Know orders for loading, trimming, pours, and discharging programme.


Part B :  Upon completion of this module, the candidate shall be able to:

-  Be familiar with loading computers, displacement, stability and calculations;

-  Know proper loading and discharging at berth;

-  Know importance of the loading period, arrival in berth, surveys, shifting of ships by warping and safe procedures for working cargo;

-  Know draft surveys, weighing bulk cargoes ashore;

-  Be familiar with different certificates, receipts, bills of lading etc.;

-  Learn aspects to consider during loaded voyage;


Part C : Upon completion of this module, the candidate shall be able to:

-        Know operational characteristics of self unloaders, mini bulkers etc.;

-        Understand proper carriage of grain, coal, iron ore and steel products;

-        Know responsibility for safety, permit to work system and hazards;

-        Be familiar with atmospheric test equipment, hydrometers, sea water sampling;

-        Understand planned maintenance systems, planning of maintenance etc;

-        Know repair of damage and defects and drydockings;

-        Know housekeeping problems, dealing with dirt and disposal of wastes



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